I am liking it !

February 25, 2009


Today, I was surprised to hear a non Open Source pre sales consultant telling to my client the following speech – see below -. All the more knowing that he did not have idea that the client already used Open Source Software. Funny, isn’t it ?

This shows things change !

“If you do not have any preferences, I would recommend you to go with a Red Hat Linux or maybe Suse for production use. As you probably already know Linux source code is freely distributed. Thus thousands of programmers have reviewed the source code to eliminate bugs, strengthen security and improve performance. In addition, as far as I know no other operating system has ever undergone this level of review.”

“Other advantages :

  • Best technical support available.
  • Runs on a wide range of hardware.
  • Stable.
  • Many tools and applications available.
  • Interoperates with many other types of systems.
  • Low TCO.
  • No vendor lock-in.
  • Etc…”

But I am pretty sure you already know that…. But in case of.

Well, just to say that OK!

  • It is not the easier way !
  • it takes time !
  • it takes efforts !
  • it needs often a reconsideration of a way of thinking
  • and, and … a incredible quantity of explanations.       Beleive me !

But it finally pay off !!!
If you are interested by the subject I recommend “The Futur of Management” by Gary Hamel

N.B. : I admit I did not read it entirely by the less I red confirm Open Source Methodologies are the right way to go.

ITIL v3 Life Cycle

February 17, 2009


OurSKMS Update

February 17, 2009


OurSKMS on MySQL and Rails

February 17, 2009


Before choosing how we have tried to know why due to a lack in Information Systems Management Tools.

In addition, we have choose Rails not due to the fact that it currently the hype tool. But because even if we have chosen MySQL as default database we do not depend on it.

Finally, it is a real good way to start concrete rails project.




Fedora is going to be closer to Red Hat Belgium. As a lot of question have been asked during the FOSDEM’09, we should received a lot of answers in the following day. If you have questions or remarks feel free to let a comment and I will contact you briefly.
We have also contacted our OLPC’s friends in Belgium.


OurORDB Vision

February 16, 2009

A lot of schema in order to know where we are going to.

OurLADB Vision

February 16, 2009

OurLADB LA stands for Level agreement.

OurDMLDB Vision

February 16, 2009

This schema represents Our OurDMLDB Vision.
Maybe more understandable than previous posts.

After the POST FOSDEM’09 and all tasks related to that kind of event, I return to my main project “OurSKMS”.
I asked the Fedora Hosted Project Administrator to change the OurSKMS repository URL from to https://fedorahosted.org/ourskms/.
Well, now I am going to work seriously on it and should be able to give at least at first release in two weeks if do not encounter other problems.