Func and OurSKMS

March 12, 2009


Ok, I still have a lot of work but I am trying to do it even if I have an obvious lack of time.

As I already told to Micheal DeHaan and Eddy N., I am going to develop few modules in order to hit the target – see schema above – which is to retrieve data from minions – Func clients – and save them to OurSKMS based on MySQL.

I encourage everyone to develop his own little python modules in order to incorporate it to Func.
Func is a really great project, believe me !

Func URL:

OK, I agree with you but we are just starting it. So thanks for your indulgence.
Thanks in advance to have taken the time to read the post.

Let’s hope I give you – Adrian, Michael – a good explanation of what I want to do with Func.


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