Guarding our children against the dangers of Internet with Open Source.

April 9, 2009


Every parents want the best for their children !

So among other, Parents subscribe for an ADSL service to a provider in order to have Internet at home and let their children freely read, write, learn and play with this amazing tool thinking it is a good thing for them.

At first glance, they are right !

Nonetheless and unfortunately Internet does also contain indecent contents, scams and so on…
Obviously YOU as adult already knows that.

But does YOUR CHILDREN know ?

So you have three choices :

1] Surf the internet with your children.
2] Let’s you children access freely to the Internet and do not care about what she/he/they is/are reading/learning/watching/etc…
3] Set Internet web site ACL- Access control List -/Black List

For my part, I will opt the third option.
So If you are like me then Open Source is the answer !

DansGuardian and SquidGuard are respectively content-control software – software designed to control which websites users can access – and Black List oriented software .
In addition, DansGuardian also includes virus filtering and usage monitoring features. Witch could be useful.
For more details, I invite you to go their respective web site – see below for URL –

BTW, these software can also be used in other domains than Children’s Internet Protection. You see what I mean ? e.g. In business compagny, firm. 😉

Rem: Maybe your provider already offer you this service via your ADSL box.

Message for my Fedora packager Friends, it should be nice to have DansGuardian packaged in the Fedora distribution.
Ok, I could do it myself but do not have time currently. 😦
Thanks for your time.

External links’s_Internet_Protection_Act

6 Responses to “Guarding our children against the dangers of Internet with Open Source.”

  1. Funny. These things did not exist “way back, when we were children”. Somehow, among all the Evil and pr0n, we found operating systems and started hacking on them and turned out alright. So why do we all of a sudden need to “protect children”?

    I say just let them discover the joy of hacking on operating systems without having to break out of their computer.

  2. Bram said

    I remember watching a fair amount of pornography of various descriptions while I was somewhere around the relatively tender age of 13. Aside from being a murderous sociopath and having terrible nightmares every night, I think I turned out reasonably well.

    Common sense is advised. Talking might helps.

  3. Hi there!


    Unfortnunately the submitter seems to be unresponsive.

  4. pvandewyngaerde said

    you can also sort of filter certain site-types using opendns which you can configure to not resolve categories you dont want.

    relatively easy, but also easy to circumvent if you know.

  5. Very nice story! Keep up the good work.

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