If you are interesting to make a talk in the Fedora devroom at FOSDEM’10 – 6 & 7 February 2010 Brussels/Belgium -, feel free to summit your proposal at the following wiki page :

or leave a comment to this post with you email address and I would add it for you.

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We had a great “Fedora at FOSDEM’10” project preparation Kick Off with Bert. We discussed a lot and listed things did not work from the previous years in order to improve it for the next edition.

We listed as well what we would like to have and created a action plan. You can have more details about that at the FOSDEM 2010 Organization wiki page.

Now, we are currently preparing the charter of that project and are looking after interesting innovative technical subjects. So if you are interesting to do a talk a FOSDEM’10, please make a proposal at the FOSDEM 2010 Technical Talk Propositions wiki page.

For more information about this, you can go at these following links :
FOSDEM 2010 Organization
FOSDEM 2010 Technical Talk Propositions
FOSDEM 2010 Accommodation
FOSDEM 2010 Booth Attendance

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