JBoss Tools Installation on Fedora 11

November 6, 2009


As I am currently working with JBoss seam, I had to install JBoss Tools on my Fedora Eclipse 3.4.2 – Fedora 11 -.

So in order to share the procedure to every one and mostly to avoid to forget or lose it I decided to write it on this blog.

In addition, it permit to avoid eclipse/JBoss Tools problems dependence such as :


And Errors such as :

Cannot complete the request.  See the details.
Unsatisfied dependency: [org.hibernate.eclipse.feature.feature.group 3.2.4.v200909151014R-H192-GA] requiredCapability: org.eclipse.equinox.p2.iu/org.eclipse.wst.xml.core/1.1.0

So these are the steps :

I] Install Eclispe on your Fedora.

I.I] Open a terminal as standard user – here mine “fhornain” – and be root.

[fhornain@localhost ~]$ su –

[root@localhost ~]# yum install java-1.6.0-openjdk-devel

[root@localhost ~]# yum install eclipse-platform

II ] Launch eclipse.

II.I] Indeed you should select in you Fedora main menu bar  Applications > Programming > Eclipse

If not, launch a terminal and run the following command :

[fhornain@localhost ~]$ eclipse -vm /usr/bin/java

Rem: Change the path /usr/bin/java if it is not your java default location

Then you should see the eclipse starting banner – see below –


II.II] Then eclipse should ask you where you would like to save your projects – see image below –

Screenshot-Workspace Launcher

The default location should be fine – well, for me 😉 –

II.III] Then Welcome screen appears – see below -. Close it with a click on the top left cross.

Screenshot-Resource - Fedora Eclipse

III ] Install JBoss Tools

III.I] When Eclipse starts, go to Help > Software Updates. The following window should appears :

Screenshot-Software Updates and Add-ons

III.II] Then click on the tab named “Available Software” – see below –

Screenshot-Software Updates and Add-ons

III.III] Then click on button “Add Site” on the right of the window – see above – :

Screenshot-Software Updates and Add-ons -1

III.IV] You see appear a new window where you are going to past the following URL : http://download.jboss.org/jbosstools/updates/stable/ which is the offcial JBoss Tools URL – see below –

Screenshot-Add Site

Then click the OK button.

III.V] Then do the same with http://download.eclipse.org/releases/ganymede/ and http://download.eclipse.org/birt/update-site/2.3/ as mentioned for JBoss Tools in points III.III] and III.IV]

III.VI] You should see appear a new line in the “Software updates and add-ons” window – see below –

Screenshot-Software Updates and Add-ons

III.VII] Then click on the link “Ganymade Update Site” as show in the above picture :

Screenshot-Software Updates and Add-ons -1

III.VIII] Then go down and choose “Web and Java EE Development”

Screenshot-Software Updates and Add-ons

And click on the install button – see above -.

Screenshot-Software Updates and Add-ons -1

Then the installation start – see above – :


Then click on next button, accept the term of the licence and click on  the finish button.

Screenshot-Install -2

The packages installation starts – see above – :

Screenshot-Install -3

Finally the installation finish and the following window appear in order to reboot the eclipse IDE application – see below –

Screenshot-Software Updates

Click on the Yes button

III.IX ] Now we’ll do the same steps for JBoss Tools and Bitr as we did for Ganymed “Web and Java EE Development”.

You should see the entered JBoss Tools links done during III.III] and III.IV] steps then click on the JBoss Tools arrow and select JBoss Tools line – see above –

Screenshot-Software Updates and Add-ons -2

And do the same procedure as we did for Ganymed “Web and Java EE Development” at step III.VIII].

Let’s hope it clear.

Now you can play with seam and other JBoss projects… 🙂

IV] Launch Seam project with Eclipse and Jboss Tools.

IV.I] Indeed you should select in you Fedora main menu bar  Applications > Programming > Eclipse

If not, launch a terminal and run the following command :

[fhornain@localhost ~]$ eclipse -vm /usr/bin/java

Rem: Change the path /usr/bin/java if it is not your java default location

You should see appear the following window :

Screenshot-Resource - Fedora Eclipse

IV.II] Then click on the main menu bar File > New > Project and the following window appears – see below –

Screenshot-New Project

Then Choose your new JBoss Seam Project and name it.

BTW, do not forget BIRT otherwise you will not have JDBC Connectors

Enjoy !

Related links : http://www.jboss.org/community/wiki/InstallingJBossTools

5 Responses to “JBoss Tools Installation on Fedora 11”

  1. Pieter said

    Nice post but for my old eyes the screenshots are too small to actually see what’s in them. Maybe you could make them clickable so a bigger version pops up?

    • Frederic Hornain said

      Sorry for the delay but I was a bit overloaded these days.
      I promise I will do better for the next posts.

      Best Regards
      Frederic 🙂

  2. Andrew Overholt said

    Hi Frederic,

    Thanks for posting this howto. I only have two nits:

    1. yum install eclipse-jdt or pde will bring in java-1.6.0-openjdk-devel so no need for two yum commands
    2. /usr/bin/eclipse on its own will find the correct OpenJDK installation without the need to specify with -vm

    Also note that we can’t have the Ganymede or Galileo update site pre-configured due to:


  3. Nick Boldt said

    You don’t need to explicitly tell p2 which pieces of JEE you need to install – it figures that out for you. All you need to do is ensure you have all the required sites listed, check the box for ‘Contact all update sites during install’, and pick the pieces of JBoss Tools you want.

    Here are the three (four if you’re using Fedora Eclipse) sites you may or may not need to add to Eclipse for it to resolve all the missing dependencies:


    Since Fedora 12 will include Eclipse 3.5.1, you might want to get the latest JBoss Tools 3.1.0.M4, which includes a ton of updates, improvements, and even some new projects.


    By the way, the sourced wiki page is OBSOLETE, which it says in red as the FIRST line of the article.

    The latest documentation on installation of JBoss Tools 3.0 (Eclipse 3.4.2) is here:


    And if you’re using JBoss Tools 3.1, you can install from an update site zip instead:


    There’s even a scripted way to install it if you’re an admin and need to roll out JBoss Tools to multiple users (or you do heavy testing and need to keep recreating your environment without a lot of UI-clickery):


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