Solid Answers – Part I -?

November 17, 2009

Enjoy ! 🙂

This video gives fundamental answers for newbies.

Nonetheless, the video was posted in youtube the 18 July 2008. So, be aware that video could contain dated information.

Thanks Marin for your feedback. 😉


5 Responses to “Solid Answers – Part I -?”

  1. mairin said

    That video must be quite, quite old. Alan Cox has not worked for Red Hat in some time now and the Zaurus? Really?

    Why post this now?

    • Frederic Hornain said

      You are right, he is now working for Intel as far as I now.
      Why did I post this video ? Well, because people still ask that kind of questions…

      • mairin said

        You should probably indicate that in your blog post then! People will want to know where you got it, when it was taken, and why they should watch it. I agree it answers some basic questions about free software (although there is some dated information in it) but newbies are not going to know it’s a good thing to watch if you don’t tell them so.

      • Frederic Hornain said

        Agree with you. I will do that asap.
        Thanks for your help and your comment.

      • Frederic Hornain said

        FYI, the post have been updated.

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