December 24, 2009

Dear *,

I really think RHCE Loopback – http://www.redhat.com/rhceloopback/ – is a really good initiative.
Indeed, it permit to you and others like you to :

  • get together
  • meet close community.
  • exchange point of view about systems administration, infrastructure good practices, architectures.
  • share experiences, tips and technical tricks.
  • discuss new technologies.
  • hear from experts on current and future industry trends.
  • Learn about recent technology advances, as well as future implementations from the people who make it happen.
  • etc…

For my part, I think it should be opened to RHCT, JBCAA and non-RH certified people.

Now, the question is : When will we have a RHCE Lookback session in EMEA ? 😉

Best Regards


4 Responses to “RHCA/RHCE/RHCT & JBCAA Loopback in EMEA ?”

  1. Peter said

    There’s rumours of a Loopback event in London sometime in the new year. As to when I’m not sure. When GregDeK blogged about it I requested one for London, see some of his blog posts on it for more info.

  2. Maxim said

    Brilliant idea! Count me in!

  3. Maja said

    Hi Frederic,

    My name is Maja and I help with the planning and logistics of the US Loopback events. I received the request for London and have a planning meeting with my counterpart in Europe on January 10th. Will be sure to keep everyone posted on our progress.


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