[FOSDEM’10 Distribution Miniconf] Fedora related talks – Bios and Abstracts –

January 13, 2010

Dear *,

Here are the abstracts and bios for the three Fedora talks :

Room 1 (H.1301) – Now (H.1302) – :
2: 14:45-15:30: Max Spevack: Fedora Governance

Max Spevack has been with Red Hat for 5 1/2 years, and is currently the manager of Red Hat’s Community Architecture team. He has been working with the Fedora Project for 4 years, and spent 2 years as the Fedora Project Leader.

In this talk, former Fedora Project Leader Max Spevack will discuss the governance and decision-making processes that exist within Fedora. From individual contributors to special-interest-groups to the core projects that make up Fedora, this talk will explain not only how the Fedora Project is structured, but the underlying principles and goals of Fedora that have led it to have its current organizational structure. The talk will also discuss some general ideas about governance and organization in volunteer-led communities — both in Open Source, as well as other fields.

Room 2 (H.1302) – Now (H.1308) -:

20: 17:30-18:15: Thomas Canniot and Armel Kermovant: Fedora-fr and upstream French communitie is.
Armel Kermorvant
President of French speaking community
Fedora Ambassador and Fedora Mentor
Director in Linux French Company

Language of the session : French
Open Discussion around Fedora-Fr and FedoraProject

– Who is Fedora-Fr organization ?
– Fedora-Fr Goals
– Fedora-Fr Website
– Fedora-Fr Events coverage in France in 2009 and 2010

21: 18:15-19:00: Sandro Mathys and Marcus Moeller : Spacewalk.
Marcus Moeller and Sandro Mathys

Marcus and Sandro are Linux Systems Engineer at the ETH Zurich.
Based in Zurich, Marcus and Sandro are both contributors to the Fedora
Project where they are very active in the roles of ambassadors and
package maintainers. Marcus is also part of the CentOS team where he
contributes in terms of artwork, wiki content and gardening and as an

If they’re not busy with their lives as contributors they work as linux
systems engineers at the ETH Zurich. There the biggest part of their job
is to evaluate, provide, maintain and support the central linux systems
lifecycle management solutions for Fedora, CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise
Linux namely RHN Satellite and Spacewalk. To be able to fully accomplish
their job they also need to perform intense testing/QA on and to come
up with lots of new ideas to improve those products.

At the beginning of this very year they also launched and now organize
the FrOSCamp event taking please in September 2010 at the ETH Zurich
featuring talks, workshops, hackfests and booths on free and open source
software as well as works under creative commons licenses.

Spacewalk: Linux Systems Lifecycle Management

Brief introduction of the Spacewalk systems management solution with a
short live demo.

Spacewalk is a free and open source lifecycle management which provides
software management, provisioning and monitoring capabilities. The clean
web interface allows viewing of systems and their software update
status, as well as initiating actions like kickstarting systems or
managing configuration files.

Spacewalk’s monitoring feature lets you view monitoring status for your
systems alongside their software update status. Spacewalk also has
virtualization capabilities to enable you to provision, control, manage,
and monitor virtual Xen and KVM guests.

Best Regards
Frederic 😉

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