Android and Fedora….

January 28, 2010

Dear *,

As my wife is currently working on a development of an Android Application, so she charged me to install the SDK on a Fedora.
Unfortunately, no RPM was available for that. 😦

So I tried to create one from the source however it was no so simple than that. 😦
Firstly the SDK source code was not easy to find due to the fact that it is included in the entire Android platform project instead of to be on separate repository.
FYI, the source code is available
Then I followed the procedure to get the code – – but I was a little bit lost to retrieve what I was looking for.
I tried to make the package but I gave up after four hours by lack of time and principally cause I had to respond quickly to my wife request.

So, I installed it with the tgz and the standard procedure provided by our friends of Google in order to respond to her request quickly. – Well, I do not like install things like that –
Nonetheless, I will retry to create one. I will keep you in touch.

Ref :

Frederic 😉


2 Responses to “Android and Fedora….”

  1. Robert said

    and the distribution method is not the only problem. there is no 64 bits version. I have been able to rebuild the crosscompiler, and a lot of prebuilt binaries that are inside trying to build a pure x86_64 emulator, not ready yet, but I wish I have a more time to finish it, still on my todo list

    Note: I avoid to run 32 bits software on x86_64 Fedora

  2. mbooth said

    Well, the Eclipse plugins are here:;a=tree;f=tools/eclipse;h=784d5190c4fbddb15c01adca57dbd405a35d19ac;hb=HEAD

    I would guess you probably want to look at how we build other Eclipse plugins in Fedora.

    I don’t know what else comes with the SDK though.

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