Again and again, she’s right.

January 29, 2010

Comments are useless, the picture talks by itself.

Ref :

Do not know if this will be under Open Source licence. However, what I know is that Android is under APL 2.0. (Well, if remember well).
So, we are at least in the halfway.

Frederic 😉


2 Responses to “Again and again, she’s right.”

  1. Hmm.. tinkering about Android on my Chumby ..

  2. Zoltan said

    Well, TouchBook, iPad, and now this. REally great to see the evolution, and it seems – it beguns with us. Hm. Fedora has great ARM possibilities, we got beagleboard, and FEL… Ummm, designing our own hardware, purchasable small parts, as expansion – DIY based community driven manufacturing…. Sounds pretty cool…

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