[FOSDEM’10] JBoss Devroom exceeded our expectations.

February 7, 2010

Dear *,

An unbelievable surprise!
As it was the first time JBos.org was present at FOSDEM, we did not expect to a such success.
The result was beyond our most optimistic expectations.
See by your self on the following pictures :

First and Second talk – Falko Menge and Heiko w. Rupp –

Third and fourth talk – Mark Proctor, Sabri – From the point the room was always FULL – ( THE BET WAS WON ! Congratulation jbug ! – Belgian Jboss User Group – )

Unfortunately I had not the possibility to attend for the other talks (JBoss ESB, Yoeri Roels). 😦

Thanks to jbug.be for helping me to make this happens – Joris, Jarom, etc..).
Thanks also to all speakers – Falko Menge, Heiko w. Rupp, Mark Proctor, Sabri Skhiri, Yoeri Roels

Rem: 30/40 attendees per session. Not so bad 😉

Frederic 😉


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