The next RHLEUG on the 9th of June 2010. This is a full day and will be hosted by Red Hat. The morning session will be filled in by Red Hat. The Afternoon will be the normal usergroup meeting.

The Agenda subjects

  • Oracle => relation to Red Hat
  • Roadmap Red Hat Enterprise Linux including virtualisation
  • Roadmap & migration to JBoss
  • Licensing & support
  • Cloud Computing Thoughts & Ideas/ Vision

Please let Red Hat know if you have other subjects that you would like addressed.

To register use the form below: Attendance is for known members of the group only.


Frederic 🙂

Developers and users of Free, Libre and Open Source graphics software will meet May 27-30 in Brussels at the fifth annual Libre Graphics Meeting (LGM).

That Meeting is going to take place :

De Pianofabriek kunstenwerkplaats
Rue du Fort / Fortstraat 35
1060 Brussels

Link :

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Bloomberg Businessweek’s annual list of the tops in technology.

And Red Hat is ranked at #59



Frederic 😉

Finally, I am going to tell to my client who would like to reduce their cost , are using GIS – geospatial – extention and want support it exists now a strong and supported Open Source alternative.

OK, it is not really new the investment was done in October 2009.
But I only heard about it today and wanted to share it with you.

Frederic 😉

I just wanted to congratulates the team who have develop that product. I found it awesome. Thanks for that.

For those who do not know the behaviour of that product.
Indeed, if you have an account on and have unfortunately a bug on Fedora – yes it can happen but it is not often -.
Then, the product is going to be launched automatically in retrieving the crash dump.
You do not have to connect on bugzilla to report it anymore. It is done automatically.
Then the only thing you still have to do is to explain what you did before the crash and click on the send button.



Fred 😉

As you probably already know a JBoss event is going to be planned on the 3rd of June close to Antwerp.

Kabir Khan has just added his name to the list of speakers!

Kabir will talk about the JBoss AS 6 roadmap, the new development model, ongoing optimizations since AS 6.
He will also give a bird’s eye overview of the new projects that will be bundled in AS 6, such as Weld, HornetQ, RestEasy and several more.

There will be also a short demo at the end showing some of the new features in AS.

See you there.

Frederic 😉

The JBoss User Group Belgium are in the process of putting together the schedule of our next event. This event will take place on the third of June at Cronos premises (Veldkant 35d Kontich). So, if you are interested to talk about JBoss ESB, Drools, JOPR, etc… Feel free to contact me. 😉

Frederic 😉

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