Here is probably my agenda for this new edition of FOSDEM.


DevOps? – More than Marketing James Turnbull Janson 14:00-14:50

systemd: Beyond init Lennart Poettering Janson 15:00-15:50


Deploying sssd Marcus Moeller H.1308 09:00-09:30

Abstraction, Formalization, Standardization Stefan Schimanski AW1.120 10:00-10:45

Application Deployment With Chef Joshua Timberman AW1.120 11:00-11:45

Configuration management for development environments Gareth Rushgrove AW1.120 12:00-12:45

Gepetto Kenn Hussey AW1.120 13:00-13:45

MeeGo: A solid platform for hackable mobile devices Carsten Munk Lameere 12:00-13:00

Data-as-a-Service with Infinispan Manik Surtani Chavanne 12:00-12:50

Distributed Compilation of RPMs Geerd-Dietger Hoffmann Brian Schueler H.1308 13:30-14:00

The Storage Technologies Behind Facebook Messages Nicolas Spiegelberg Chavanne 14:00-14:50

A presentation of SPICE an opensource remote virtual desktop protocol Hans de Goede AW1.105 14:20-14:40

USB redirection over the network Hans de Goede AW1.105 14:40-15:00

Linux Disaster Recovery as a Service (with rear) Gratien D’haese Chavanne 15:00-15:50

Building a free, massively scalable cloud computing platform Soren Hansen Chavanne 16:00-16:50

Well, if I missed something you think should be interesting for infrastructure guy. Let me know ! 🙂

See you there.


Frederic 😉

Dear *,

For those who would be interested from cloud computing and virtualization, to platform, middleware and management technologies, this even is an online forum of Red Hat experts, partners, customers, and the open source community. The Virtual Experience will cover the latest and greatest in software innovation.

The event will feature:

* Keynotes from Red Hat visionaries
* Over forty unique sessions
* Access to Red Hat product experts and partners
* Real-world perspectives from Red Hat customers
* Collaboration with the open source community
* Resource library
* Networking opportunities, including Q&A sessions

Join us live starting at 7 a.m. EST on Jan. 26 – Jan. 27, 2011. The event will be on-demand worldwide the months following.

You can register at the following URL :

Frederic 😉

Dear *,

This my first Presentation Submission to the Loadays -Wilrijk, Belgium on April 16th-17th – event.

Let’s hope it is going to be accepted.
Anyway, if you have Linux Administrator/Engineer/Architect interesting subjects then feel free to submit your presentation proposal at
You are Welcome !

BTW, there is not registration for visitors. This is a free event, and therefore there’s no entrance fee
See you there !

Best Regards
Frederic 😉

Fedora and I @ Fosdem 2011

January 12, 2011

Welcome to visit Fedora Community in FOSDEM’11.

Fred 😉

Dear *,
Well, Great feature is often unknown by technical people – See Video below -.

Well, Feature was already present in Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization since 2008.

Best Regards
Frederic 😉

JBoss.ORG Application Server 6.0 is the first Java Enterprise Edition 6 platform. You can download it at the following URL :

/!\ This is a community project and, as such is not supported with an SLA.

Frederic 😉

[2011] Best Wishes !

January 3, 2011

Dear all,

I wish you all an Happy New Year and hope 2011 brings you success and prosperity in all your endeavours.

Here is the enlarged picture.

Fred 😉