[Loadays’11] Unix 2 Linux Presentation Submission

January 20, 2011

Dear *,

This my first Presentation Submission to the Loadays -Wilrijk, Belgium on April 16th-17th – event.

Let’s hope it is going to be accepted.
Anyway, if you have Linux Administrator/Engineer/Architect interesting subjects then feel free to submit your presentation proposal athttp://www.loadays.org/
You are Welcome !

BTW, there is not registration for visitors. This is a free event, and therefore there’s no entrance fee
See you there !

Best Regards
Frederic 😉

2 Responses to “[Loadays’11] Unix 2 Linux Presentation Submission”

  1. Fred,

    There is no need to register for Loadays , people just have to show up !

    • Frederic Hornain said

      I have updated the post.

      Thanks for the feed back.
      if it is still unclear or incorrect , let me know.

      Frederic 😉

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