[Spice] My first Spice access to KVM machine

March 15, 2011

Well, I did not manage to make it work with libvirt on F-14 neither with M$ Windows XP.
Maybe tomorrow.
If you know how in F-14 let me know.

Anyway, sincere congratulation to the RHEV/SPICE Team.

Frederic 😉

10 Responses to “[Spice] My first Spice access to KVM machine”

  1. Eric Mesa said

    how does it compare to using virtualbox? Or vmware?

    • Frederic Hornain said


      Following Daniel wrote in the following post, I am going to re-test Spice on F-15 and then publish my results.
      I will keep you in touch

  2. Daniel Berrange said

    libvirt in F14 doesn’t support SPICE, and even the KVM support in F14 is pretty badly incomplete. Fedora 15 will have full SPICE support across all levels of the stack.

  3. Magnus said

    you can always enable the virt-preview repo for fedora 14: http://repos.fedorapeople.org/repos/jforbes/virt-preview/
    Works really well, and Spice is available in fedora 14, I’ve been using it for a long time without problems, the spice packages are in updates-testing.
    I have successfully run windows server 2003, xp and windows 7 under spice on f-14. See my blog for details.

  4. Terminator said

    Pour ceux qui douteraient, j’ai bien utilisé les meilleurs settings qcow2, et malgré tout c’est terriblement lent (1/20ème de max I/O) , KVM est clairement meilleur combiné avec LVM (95% de max I/O). Voir: http://twitter.com/mn3m0n1q/status/55549045422301184

  5. YS said

    Can Spice Client play sound from remote guest ?

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