My Halfway to full Spice features

March 19, 2011

Dear *,

Following the advice Daniel gave me on my previous post related to Spice, I decided to try spice on F-15. –

The problem was I did not want to use F-15 on my main and only one physical machine at home.
Quite normal cause F-15 is still in Alpha. 😉

So the exercise was not difficult to realize but I admit a little bit complex.

That is to say, I still used my F-14 as a Spice Server an launched a RHEL 6 KVM with the enabled Spice option – I know it could be better if I would have use F-15 but you know the reason why I did not use it -.

Then I opened a X ssh session to my F-15 KVM virtual machine where I launched a spice client in order to access my RHEL 6 KVM . – see pictures –

So, the result of that exercise is that I confirm spice is having full SPICE support across all levels of the stack on F-15.

Even if I ran an hybrid solution between F-14 and F-15, I noticed a really nice improvement in the video flow when I ran an ogg. file inside my launched RHEL 6 KVM with the enabled Spice option.

Rem : – I did not managed to make sound working but maybe I missed some options.
– I did not try with M$ Windows as well. Nonetheless, as soon as I will have few minutes, I will.

Let hope my explanation was clear.
Anyway and again congratulation to the KVM, Spice Team for that. 🙂
Thanks also to Daniel for his help.

Best Regards
Frederic 😉

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