Even if the command line is not so easy to retain and the program has still some bugs the first results are encouraging.

Here above is the results after a :
func “” call save2mysql call “ process mem”

which save the data from the second part of the command :
call “ process mem” – the func part –
to the first part of the command
func “” call save2mysql – the MySQL part -.

In addition, the program is still in a draft format.

Let’s do a little bit of methods this evening…


Concretely, how does it work ?
1] You request the overlord to do some actions to minion #3 an #4.
2] The Overlord retrieve data from them.
3] Then show you the result via your console.
4] Save it in temporary tables on the minion which is dedicated to store that data – MySQL Database -.

What is the status today of that ? Well this is the first outputs :


N.B. The Binary value set to 1 means : It is a “column name“.


I am currently develop a module which use the Func MySQL module I created one week ago in order to retrieve data from func.
e.g. :


And then save it to a MySQL Database Temporary Tables – Not really temporary in Databases meaning – see schema at the top of this post-.

For the moment, I manage to retrieve data with python and currently work on how to dynamically integrate it in MySQL Tables.
Thanks for reading.

Func and OurSKMS

March 12, 2009


Ok, I still have a lot of work but I am trying to do it even if I have an obvious lack of time.

As I already told to Micheal DeHaan and Eddy N., I am going to develop few modules in order to hit the target – see schema above – which is to retrieve data from minions – Func clients – and save them to OurSKMS based on MySQL.

I encourage everyone to develop his own little python modules in order to incorporate it to Func.
Func is a really great project, believe me !

Func URL:

OK, I agree with you but we are just starting it. So thanks for your indulgence.
Thanks in advance to have taken the time to read the post.

Let’s hope I give you – Adrian, Michael – a good explanation of what I want to do with Func.


Currently working on Func 0.24-1, I found that comment and following Python codes in the /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/func/ at Line =~ 100 on Fedora 10

# FIXME: this is probably more complicated than it needs to be -akl
# aka, everything after the module_file_path

if basename[:8] == “__init__”:
modname = dirname
dirname = “”
elif basename[-3:] == “.py”:
modname = basename[:-3]
elif basename[-4:] in [“.pyc”, “.pyo”]:
modname = basename[:-4]

which could be remplaced by :

modname = dirname
dirname = “”
if basename[:8] != “__init__”:
mymodname =basename.split(‘.’)

Well, do not have the pretension to be better coder than Python developper however if I can help.