Dear all,

I am going to do a presentation about “Red Hat Global Support Services” in Brussels in January 2012.
If your company or you are based in BeNeLux and are interested by this presentation, just let me know and I will try to arrange a Meeting for you.

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Dear *,

I am going to do “Open the Code to Students” presentation @ Louvain-li-Nux, Louvain-la-Neuve, the 20th of October 2011.
That one will take place at Auditoire SCES 03, Place des Sciences, 2 – Louvain-la-Neuve.

During this presentation, I will address the major open source projects adopted in business, but also projects that could be used by students daily.
Finally, I will explain the interest that everyone have to contribute.

BTW, this presentation will be in French.

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Frederic 😉


As I told to Matthias, here is the slide in pdf and cc format.
Thanks to you all, it was a great meeting.




Even if the command line is not so easy to retain and the program has still some bugs the first results are encouraging.

Here above is the results after a :
func “” call save2mysql call “ process mem”

which save the data from the second part of the command :
call “ process mem” – the func part –
to the first part of the command
func “” call save2mysql – the MySQL part -.

In addition, the program is still in a draft format.

Let’s do a little bit of methods this evening…


Concretely, how does it work ?
1] You request the overlord to do some actions to minion #3 an #4.
2] The Overlord retrieve data from them.
3] Then show you the result via your console.
4] Save it in temporary tables on the minion which is dedicated to store that data – MySQL Database -.

What is the status today of that ? Well this is the first outputs :


N.B. The Binary value set to 1 means : It is a “column name“.

Func and OurSKMS

March 12, 2009


Ok, I still have a lot of work but I am trying to do it even if I have an obvious lack of time.

As I already told to Micheal DeHaan and Eddy N., I am going to develop few modules in order to hit the target – see schema above – which is to retrieve data from minions – Func clients – and save them to OurSKMS based on MySQL.

I encourage everyone to develop his own little python modules in order to incorporate it to Func.
Func is a really great project, believe me !

Func URL:

OK, I agree with you but we are just starting it. So thanks for your indulgence.
Thanks in advance to have taken the time to read the post.

Let’s hope I give you – Adrian, Michael – a good explanation of what I want to do with Func.

ITIL v3 Life Cycle

February 17, 2009


OurSKMS Update

February 17, 2009


OurSKMS on MySQL and Rails

February 17, 2009


Before choosing how we have tried to know why due to a lack in Information Systems Management Tools.

In addition, we have choose Rails not due to the fact that it currently the hype tool. But because even if we have chosen MySQL as default database we do not depend on it.

Finally, it is a real good way to start concrete rails project.



OurORDB Vision

February 16, 2009

A lot of schema in order to know where we are going to.