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Wildfly Alpha 1 is now available. [1]

[1] http://www.wildfly.org/download/


Ref: Heiko Rupp – http://pilhuhn.blogspot.comhttp://vimeo.com/36577369
Ref: http://www.fosdem.org/2012/

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[FOSDEM’12] Some Pictures

February 13, 2012

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Here are some pictures of JBoss community @ FOSDEM’12 :

N.B. Thanks to nihed for sharing these pictures with me. – http://photo.nihed.com/Fosdem-2012/



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Here is the definitive JBoss.org schedule for FOSDEM’12 :

Saturday 2012-02-04

Event Speaker Room When
BoxGrinder : Grind your appliances easily Marek Goldmann K.3.201 11:00-11:55
Drools Planner: Planning optimization by example Geoffrey De Smet K.3.201 12:00-12:55
Openshift David Blado K.3.201 13:00-13:55
JBoss AS7 : Building JBoss AS 7 for Fedora Carlo De Wolf K.3.201 14:00-14:55
JBoss Forge / Arquillian: Two Missing Links in Enterprise Java Development Koen Aers K.3.201 15:00-15:55
Infinispan: where open source, Java and in-memory data grids converge Manik Surtani K.3.201 16:00-16:55
RHQ: Recent and future developments in the RHQ systems monitoring and management framework Heiko Rupp K.3.201 17:00-17:55
Guvernor/JBPM : Managing workflows and business rules with Guvnor and the jBPM designer Geoffrey De Smet Marco Rietveld K.3.201 18:00-18:55

Ref : http://www.fosdem.org/2012/schedule/track/jbossorg_devroom



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BoxGrindier is going to be present @ FOSDEM’12.

Marek Goldmann will be presenting in the JBoss.org dev room on Saturday:

11:00 – 11:55 BoxGrinder : Grind your appliances easily

Here is the abstract :

BoxGrinder is a set of tools that help you grind out appliances: preconfigured disk images with the operating system and requisite software ready to run on a selected virtualization platform. With a simple text definition file and a single command BoxGrinder will build a lean appliance from scratch, convert it to a target format, and deliver it to your chosen infrastructure.

Virtualization has become almost ubiquitous in modern scalable infrastructures, with traditional dedicated hardware setups being replaced by multi-tenanted virtual environments. This change facilitates many of the beneficial properties of Cloud Computing, key amongst which is the ability to create small, function-specific appliances that enables system components to scale independently.

BoxGrinder addresses the key problem of specifying and building such appliances. It manages complexities such as software installation, dependency resolution and remote service interactions on your behalf. Existing methods can an arduously convoluted, with poor repeatability and performance characteristics; wasting time and resulting in slow and bloated appliances.  Such factors negate many of the motivating factors for embracing Cloud computing, and this is an obstacle that BoxGrinder is specifically designed to overcome. Coherent and simple to specify and run; yet fast to build and easily customized to any desired level of complexity.

In this session we will cover the basic concepts of BoxGrinder, with discussion of techniques and use-cases that illustrate how best to utilise BoxGrinder’s powerful feature-set. Finally, we will work through a live example, from text definition to a running virtual appliance.

Ref : http://boxgrinder.org/