Dear *,

Few days ago, I worked on  JBoss AS 7 Quickstart Application – jboss-as-quickstarts-7.0.2.CR1 – on my Fedora 16.

Here is the brief procedure to make you start :

Assuming you have a Fedora 16 installed on your PC, Laptop,Server.

1] Download the JBoss AS7 binaries from – I downloaded the 7.0.2.Final Web Profile Only (Java EE6 Certified) –

2] Download the JBoss AS7 Quickstart Application from – I downloaded the Quickstarts released the 2011-07-12.

3] Install maven and eclipse on your Fedora 16 station as root user – yum install maven; yum install eclispe -.I use maven-3.0.3-15.fc16.x86_64 and eclipse-pde-3.7.1-4.fc16.x86_64.

4] Then please have a look at the excellent JBoss AS7 procedure available at the following URL : However, before importing the maven quickstart projects pay attention to have an available internet connection and to have imported the JBoss Maven Tools from Jboss Tools –– as well as the Maven Integration for WTP m2e-wtp –  -.

Well to know how to import JBoss Tools in your eclipse then please have a look the following procedure :

5] Follow the excellent JBoss AS7 procedure available at the following URL :

Rem :

These are community projects and, as such are not supported with SLA.

Any questions or problems can be raised through the JBoss AS 7 User Forum and Fedora 16 User Forum where the community will provide their best efforts to assist. These projects are included in the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform and Red Hat Enterprise Linux for which a support subscription is available.

Best Regards