She ‘s right !

January 28, 2010

Dear *,

Two days ago, my wife asked me the following question :

As Android is based on Linux, does it exist a mean to run – natively – apk – Android Application – on Fedora without using the Android SDK Emulator ?

I admit I did not know at that time the answer neither the interest.

Well after all, apk is made with java and java applications can be ran on Fedora….
However it can not and it is sad.

Nevertheless our friends of Ubuntu had the idea : “Android Execution Environment” .
And I believe now it is a really really good one however it is not available yet. 😦

Coincidence or not, my wife asked me that question without knowing Apple was going to announce their I-Pad from Apple which is more and less the same idea.

Now, I see the interest and it is HUGE !
For my part, I am convinced this is one of the ways to go.

Frederic 😉

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