OurCMDB Visions

January 29, 2009

Here you will find the basic overview of our CMDB vision. It could be changed at any moment by any good Idea.
That is the aim of Open Source Software.
BTW, you are welcome to the project if you are interested to be in.

Well, OurCMDB is always existing but is a part of the new global project OurSKMS – Service Knowledge Management System -.

ourskmslogo2.png” alt=”ourskms” width=”460″ height=”107″>

Indeed OurSKMS regoups :

  • OurCMIS    Capacity Management Information System
  • OurCMS      Configuration Management System
  • OurKEDB   Known Error Database
  • OurCMDB  Configuration Management Database
  • OurSCD      Supplier Contract Database
  • OurAMIS    Availability Management Information System
  • OurISMS     Information Security  Management System

and maybe others…

One step to OurCMDB

January 28, 2009

Here we are !
This is the official logo.


Soon the SQL script then the rpm.

Finally, I decided to create an open source project with the help of the Fedora Hosted project.


Not an easy decision. Simply because I am going to have one more task.
You could find that project at OurCMDB

The project is an open source MySQL configuration management
database – CMDB -, a repository of information related to all the components of an
information system.