100 % agree of what Lisa Davis, CIO of Georgetown University, explains in the following video about how the role of the CIO is changing.

I take this opportunity to propose you the following thing :

If you are a CIO/CEO of a small/medium/large company based in Belgium or in Luxembourg and are interested to better understand Open source and why it is going to change the business, “YOUR BUSINESS” then feel from to contact me via my LinkedIn Profile[1]

On my side, I would be really interested to better understand your needs, constraints and challenges.

OK, this true that I work for Red Hat[2] but I can guaranty you we will have an objective and neutral conversation.

We will only talk about technology,  Open Source and what you bring to drive your business forward

[1] https://be.linkedin.com/in/fhornain

[2] http://www.redhat.com/en

Kind Regards