Even if the command line is not so easy to retain and the program has still some bugs the first results are encouraging.

Here above is the results after a :
func “” call save2mysql call “ process mem”

which save the data from the second part of the command :
call “ process mem” – the func part –
to the first part of the command
func “” call save2mysql – the MySQL part -.

In addition, the program is still in a draft format.

Let’s do a little bit of methods this evening…


I am currently develop a module which use the Func MySQL module I created one week ago in order to retrieve data from func.
e.g. :


And then save it to a MySQL Database Temporary Tables – Not really temporary in Databases meaning – see schema at the top of this post-.

For the moment, I manage to retrieve data with python and currently work on how to dynamically integrate it in MySQL Tables.
Thanks for reading.

OurORDB Vision

February 16, 2009

A lot of schema in order to know where we are going to.

OurSCDB Vision

January 30, 2009


OurCMSDB subproject Vision

January 30, 2009

This overview is not complete. Updates needs to be done however it is better than nothing.