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In 2014, Red Hat launched Red Hat® Satellite 6, a new version of its classic Red Hat Enterprise Linux® life-cycle management solution. It includes some of the best in open system-management technology and a flexible architecture to manage scale from bare-metal to virtualized environments, and in public and private clouds.


Red Hat® Satellite is a complete cloud system management product that manages the full life cycle of your Red Hat deployments across physical, virtual, and private clouds. Watch this demo to see how Red Hat Satellite delivers system provisioning, configuration management, software management, and subscription management—all while maintaining high scalability and security.


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This demo video shows how MBaaS services help to integrate with backend systems, promoting code reuse. The video also shows how easy it is to create custom MBaaS services for your app projects in FeedHenry 3.



Building highly capable IT infrastructures and next-generation applications doesn’t have to be complicated. Take The IT Quotient assessment and answer key questions about the standardization, optimization and automation of your environment. Your IT Quotient is calculated instantly, pinpointing whether you’re tactical, strategic or visionary when it comes to managing IT. A detailed report also presents symptoms you likely face at your current level of maturity and provides useful recommendations on how to take IT to the next level.

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– The Deming wheel –

Failures and retries are the secret of the success – FRASOS -.

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Well, just to say that OK!

  • It is not the easier way !
  • it takes time !
  • it takes efforts !
  • it needs often a reconsideration of a way of thinking
  • and, and … a incredible quantity of explanations.       Beleive me !

But it finally pay off !!!
If you are interested by the subject I recommend “The Futur of Management” by Gary Hamel

N.B. : I admit I did not read it entirely by the less I red confirm Open Source Methodologies are the right way to go.

OurSKMS on MySQL and Rails

February 17, 2009


Before choosing how we have tried to know why due to a lack in Information Systems Management Tools.

In addition, we have choose Rails not due to the fact that it currently the hype tool. But because even if we have chosen MySQL as default database we do not depend on it.

Finally, it is a real good way to start concrete rails project.



OurLADB Vision

February 16, 2009

OurLADB LA stands for Level agreement.