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Following an inquiry from the physician Alex Wissner Gross from Harvard University which told that web surfing emits between 0,02g and 0,2g of Co2 – And this is just one example of Co2 emissions due to the Information Technology. – , we decided to create Our primary goals is to find IT green oriented open source solutions and publish them via this web site in order to reduce these emissions.

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JBoss/Fedora Belgium

June 18, 2009

jbosscorp_logo Today, I met one of the Belgian Jboss User Group responsible, we tallked quite a lot – JBoss/Red Hat/Fedora integrations, Events, Working Together, etc… –

For those who ask me the question- Kris B. -, the next JBoss event in Belgium – JBoss Summer Talks – is planned on the 9th of July.

There will be two real JBoss representatives.

The first Speaker will be Joram Barrez or Tom Baeyens (whoever wins/loses the fight), which will guide us through the final release of jBPM 4.0. The newest version will be out in the wild for just one week by then, so expect some hot news coming straight from the source. It’ll be a good time to finally see what made it in this release and what they have planned for us later.

Carlo de Wolf, EJB3 Lead Developer at JBoss, will give us a first-class overview of the benefits of EJB3 in his presentation “Why use Spring? Tip the scales using EJB3”.

Galder Zamarreño from JBoss will give an introduction to Infinispan. This brief talk focuses on introducing the audience to Infinispan, the new  extremely scalable and highly available open source data grid platform. Offering  a JSR-107 compatible Cache interface, Infinispan uses data distribution  mechanism to provide extreme scalability levels. Based on a fast and lightweight core, it can also offer high availability via making replicas of state across a network as well as optionally persisting state to configurable cache stores. The talk will finish with a quick 5 minute GUI demo of Infinispan’s data distribution capabilities.

The event location is at Capgemini. They are located in Diegem, Bessenveldstraat 19, which is between Brussels and the National Airport. The event starts at 18h00 and will finish with some drinks at 20h00.

For more details, please go to

In addition, I will also be there…. Just kidding 🙂


Quite Busy !

Currently four Open Source Meetings are scheduled regularly in Belgium/Brussels :

– OLPC with Martin.

– Open source with

– Jboss with

– Fedora with Bert, Bart, Vincent, and other friends