GPL, MPL, LGPL, OSL, etc….

April 20, 2009


3 Responses to “GPL, MPL, LGPL, OSL, etc….”

  1. I read the permissive, BSD-style licenses as they’re very short, and I read the GPL, I don’t bother wasting my time with the MPL and other licenses written so that only lawyers understand them.

  2. Do you sign contracts without reading them?

    • Frederic Hornain said

      Dear Philip,

      Obviously no, I do not.

      Nonetheless, I admit sometime I have not red the licenses associated to Open Source software during installation – not implementation – by lack of time and also because for myself it is not always clear and sometime painfull to read for non-lawyers.
      Ok, I am guilty.

      Nonetheless that is true, It is indeed specifically mentioned for instance in the Gnome Package Manager or in the RPM.
      But in order to see the licence I have to google it – maybe a link to that licence could be usefull –

      In addition, I found demanding to read license each time I see new one.
      So what would think a beginner if he had to read each time licence ?
      And after all, does he really know he had to read licenses ?

      Thanks to people have responded to that poll.

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