Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform version 6.4 release

May 11, 2015










In today‘s fast-moving, demanding economy, organizations are using DevOps and bi-modal IT initiatives to compete and achieve the next level of developer productivity. They also seek complementary, flexible technologies that enable them to experiment, fail fast, and still deliver innovations on time.

With new support for deploying a JBoss EAP subscription across multiple environments, customers can now better tailor their applications based on their individual business requirements. For example, JBoss EAP in traditional on-premise or virtualized environments and/or newly-renamed Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform for xPaaS* in OpenShift Enterprise.

JBoss EAP 6.4 also includes support :

  1. Support on Java 8 applications
  2. Support on the Java API WebSockets implementation protocol,
  3. Support on JSR 356,
  4. Enable developers to build real-time, rich client and mobile applications with reduced overhead and complexity.

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